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Cheap Organic Chemistry Textbooks

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June 5th, 2012

As students prepare to start classes for each new semester, one of the most stressful financial considerations that must be made is the purchasing of textbooks for all of their classes. Affordable textbooks can be very difficult to find when you shop in the university bookstore, but typically when you compare textbook prices online you will save much money. The campus store usually carries all of the main required texts but at terribly over-inflated prices. Students certainly have enough to worry about and plenty of other things to strain their school budget without having to worry about securing expensive supplies for the classes they’ve enrolled in. Books can be one of the greatest expenses after tuition costs and living expenses are deducted from an already tight budget.

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Science textbooks in general can wear a large price tag. There are several common Organic Chemistry books that may be required for those who enroll in class. Even though they may be used for more than one semester’s studies they can carry along a very hefty price tag. Presently, there are some cheap Organic Chemistry textbooks available on line. These affordable textbooks are the same as what the campus store may carry but at a greatly reduced price. When students buy textbooks online it can be a great relief on the budget as well as the mind.

There is a very wide variety of Organic Chemistry textbooks online at affordable prices. Some of the most commonly required titles include “Organic Chemistry I: Translating the Basic Concepts” by David R. Klein. Also included in the online selections is McMurry’s “Organic Chemistry”. Cheap Organic Chemistry textbooks are available for purchase. Finding affordable textbooks online can help ease some of the money woes of attending school. Not only will buying your textbooks online it can save you a bundle of time too. It’s much easier to select and click the required text’s title than to dig through mounds of books at the bookstore. Then all you have to do is pay and click to ship. No waiting in long lines at the store.

Discount Calculus Books

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August 14th, 2011

By the time a student reaches Calculus level courses in college they have already knocked off quite a few of the mathematically challenging courses such as algebra and geometry. They are ready for some serious math now! Preparing for the first Calculus class can bring with it a rude awakening. It hits just about the time the student completes enrollment, grabs this semester’s schedule and heads into the bookstore to purchase the required mathematics textbooks. If only purchasing discount Calculus textbooks could be less mathematically complicated.

Advanced Calculus

Advanced Calculus

Actually, most students are not aware of the money that can be saved when they buy cheap textbooks online. The bookstore is set up to make as much money as they can on unsuspecting students who do not know that there are other ways of obtaining required textbooks for their classes. The bookstore isn’t going to give students a discount; they are going to try to get as much of the student’s school money as they can because they know that the books are necessary for those who are serious about attending classes and maintaining a successful college career.

Thankfully there are online resources where students can purchase discount textbooks. These are the same books that are required for their college classes, as well as the same book that the bookstore has available for an incredibly high price! Students can save a lot of money if they choose to buy textbooks online. Buying textbooks online can also save time. It’s the best way to eliminate a trip to the campus bookstore only to stand in line for a very long time to pay for overpriced books.

The school budget is tight enough already with all the other costs associated with attending school. And purchasing textbooks can almost be like adding insult to injury until now. Purchasing inexpensive Calculus books online can seriously help reduce the financial impact of returning to classes. It is as simple as knowing the title and the author. You can buy textbooks online and put the money saved toward all the other many necessities that will come along while you pursue your coursework! It will give you one less thing to have to worry about.

Cheap College Trigonometry Textbooks

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July 14th, 2011

Taking college Trigonometry can be quite the mental chore for any serious student. It is still considered at the lower end as far as the level of mathematical difficulty goes, but it can wreak havoc in the minds of students who are trying to figure it out. Purchasing an inexpensive College Trig textbook should not be just as puzzling as the course, but many times it has been until recently.

Many campus bookstores ask ridiculously high prices for their college textbooks knowing that students are required to have them for classes. But the campus bookstore is not the only option for students. However, many students assume that they are stuck with paying these over inflated prices. There are other options available. Students can find and purchase affordable math textbooks online.

The public is well aware of how high the costs associated with obtaining an education are getting. And there seems to be no relief in sight during these tough economic times. Then to add to the student’s dilemma of how to pay for college, the government proposes even further cuts to the education department. This leaves many students trying to figure out how to pay for all the added expenses of attending the university. Books are just one of the many expenses on the list of necessary items that must be purchased when attending a facility of higher learning.

Algebra and Trigonometry: An Early Functions Approach

Algebra and Trigonometry: An Early Functions Approach


Since purchasing books is not optional for the success of a college student, finding cheap textbooks can help to ease the money woes of the student’s educational budget. Discount textbooks are abundant and available to purchase online. Finding affordable textbooks online can help take the pressure off of the budget so that that any extra money can then be used for other items that are necessary for attending school.

Don’t take the campus bookstore’s word for it – they are not the only source. Students can buy textbooks on line and for a much lower price than what the bookstore will ever offer. Inexpensive College Trigonometry textbooks are only one of many college level books that can be found and purchased on line.

Listening to Audio Books

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June 16th, 2011

As the ear bud has become ubiquitous, we all have become familiar with 3 of the 4 types of on the go listeners (and we ourselves are probably one). The first is the Type A listener. It’s not enough to have the music in their ears, they have to be sure that you know what their listening to, too. And in lieu of a giant boombox, the earbud is left to serve and share what wrinky dink sounds it can through the membrane of their ears and into the world outside.

Type B listener is similar, in that he/she wants to share their music, but they are far more confident of their own musical abilities to get the sounds across – so the headphones get turned down, while the live vocals get turned up. Because surely, “everyone in this bus/subway/train/mall/dorm/bathroom/museum/library loves the sounds of Rhianna’s vocals, but they get tired of hearing Rhianna being the only one to sing them.” Thanks type B!

Incidentally, Type B’s are the reason that the phrase “you should be on American Idol” has replaced “hey I like your singing.” Because in fact, when someone says “You should be on American Idol” what they mean is, “You should be in the early rounds where everyone laughs at how awful and full-bodied your singing voice is.” (Believe me, I’m an expert on getting “you should be on American Idoled.”

Type C is the most familiar type – the casual listener. Headphones in ear, they go about their day, soundtrack carrying them through the grocery store and commute, maybe a foot taps along here and there, maybe a head bop to the snare drum, if it’s a particularly good tune, the eyes might close for a minute.


Type D that we’re concerning ourselves with here – type D, the oft overlooked but increasingly present listener not of myTunes or iSongs, but of audiobooks. Believe it or not, a large (and growing larger) chunk of the people you see with headphones in aren’t listening to strings, bass and brass at all – their listening to vocals. Pure, unadulterated (and frequently unabridged) vocals. In 2008, when Amazon purchased Audible.com for $300 million dollars, it became clear to everyone that audiobooks are here to play. (like that? It’s like “here to stay,” but a mediocre pun instead!)

So now we come to the reason for this post – I’m not just drawing attention to audiobooks because they’re everywhere, I’m drawing attention to them because, like all writer’s, I need something.

When I heard about the APA (audio publishers association) hosting a “Get Caught Listening” video contest in honor of audiobooks (here comes the pitch!) I thought immediately of putting on my gladiator costume and doing a rap. I guess that’s not surprising because when you go ahead and buy a gladiator costume, you really find yourself looking for any excuse to wear it. And since my costume closet has grown pretty extensive, finding an astronaut costume and putting together a cowboy get-up came naturally, too. The question became – what would these guys be (audio) reading. See if you think I got the answers right:

You’ll also notice that I have chosen to bring out the big guns of my baby’s adorable face in an attempt to garner more views, likes and a chance at the $5000 prize, but at least I didn’t title the video “cute baby does cute thing.” That would have been pushing it.

So there you have it, I’m a confessed type D, and a finalist in a contest that is made for type D’s. So if you’re a type D, or have one in your life, do me the favor of sharing this video to help me win the prize. My next audiobook can’t buy itself.

This guest post was written by Joel Levinson

Joel Levinson is a finalist in the APA “Get Caught Listening” video contest, winner will be determined by “views” and “likes” recorded through June 21st.

Right Risk – 10 Powerful Principles for Taking Giant Leaps with Your Life a Book Review

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June 15th, 2011

While the title is catchy, it may be a bit misleading. This book offers valuable insight into the world of taking chances. Bill Treasurer, the author, is a former high Diving stuntman and leadership consultant who has seen the need for people to learn how to conquer their fears and go for what it is in life they truly want. Bill explains that we live in a time when there are endless opportunities. The problem is that we are also influenced by what others are doing and thinking about these same opportunities. If someone has had a bad experience, it is broadcast on the web and this will cause someone else to forgo any attempt at that particular opportunity. What they don’t tell you is that it may not have been something they were particularly adept at.

Right Risk - 10 Powerful Principles for Taking Giant Leaps with Your Life

Right Risk - 10 Powerful Principles for Taking Giant Leaps with Your Life

Right Risk – 10 Powerful Principles for Taking Giant Leaps with Your Life will teach you how to gather your courage and try, when everyone around you is telling you that you will fail. He shows you how to ask the important questions. More importantly, he shows you how to seek those answers from within. It is not that you have to jump off bridges or do anything remotely as serious as that. But Bill explains that you do have to be willing to live a little less cautiously if you want to be successful in the business climate of the day.

Risks are all around us. Taking the right risks at the right time and for the right reasons are the driving principles of this book. The ten driving principles are taken from the author’s real life experiences and will guide readers through the entire process. It begins with how to recognize and evaluate risks and obstacles. Next it guides you through a process designed to help you overcome any fears you might have, the right way. Each chapter concludes with probing questions designed to keep you thinking in the right direction.

The book closes with an emphasis on the importance of being your authentic self. Being honest with yourself is truly the only way to really overcome internal fears. Kidding yourself about their own strengths and weaknesses is what leads most people to take risks that they are not equipped to handle. Right Risk will help you find a lot of insights into your own psyche and this will help you overcome your aversion to taking risks. It gives great advice on how to approach the risks that come up in your business, personal and family life. Not only is it a great read, Right Risk is a great life resource.

This guest post was written by Pat Lindle

Pat Lindle is a business strategist and business owner who took a huge risk many years ago and has helped to start one of the largest custom metal decking fabrication companies in the U.S. When he’s not figuring out new ways to utilize and fabricate steel decking, Pat is often found taking his own calculated risks in other ventures and small businesses around the world.

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