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Reasons Why You Should Avoid The College Bookstore

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January 10th, 2011

This guest post was provided by Liz C.
Liz is the editor for FindCollegeCards, a student credit resource, helping students with tips, advice and more.
No student can attend college without having to purchase books, and when you’re ready to purchase your textbooks for the first time, or maybe even the fifth time, I wanted to tell you why you should avoid the bookstore.
#1 Always compare prices – I’ve done so many price comparisons when it comes down to the college bookstore. I would say 99% of the time, you’re going to be able to save outside of your bookstore. Use price comparison websites.
#2 Watch the buyback process – When you want to sell your books back, it’s great to get money right away, but what if I told you that you could get 20% back online? A great way to see what you can get for your books is simply by going to a site such as We Compare Books.
#3 Used isn’t a good deal– Most college bookstores will offer used books as well. While the pricing is attractive, again, you’re going to want to look online to ensure that it is the best price. With used books, I have found that there are good deals sometimes, but not all the time.
#4 Supplies are the same way – Most college bookstores have pencils, notebooks and many other various items that you can purchase. This is what you’re going to want to avoid as well. While it’s great to stop by before class if you forget something, you will find that your local dollar store will have all the supplies you need at a great discount.
#5 Out of stock quite often – When I was attending a local community college, I had found that the books that I wanted were always out of stock. Since I didn’t want to wait, this is when I found out that the Internet was a lot cheaper. Sometimes, you may find that even if you want to buy in the bookstore, they may not even have your book!
#6 No long lines – If you want to purchase your books in the college, and you’re attending a rather large college, you’re going to find that everybody else in the school is going to do the same thing. You will find that the lines are extremely long, and will be nothing but a headache. When you purchase online, you can do it at anytime, and have it arrive right at your doorstep!
While I think all of us make the mistake of purchasing books at the bookstore, you’re going to find that the Internet is the way to go. Since I’m sure you’re already on a strict budget, you will find that these six tips above should be the reasons you should shop online, rather than in the store.

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