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Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital

Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital cover image

Prices for book: Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital

Book ISBN: 9780316067904

Author(s): Heidi Squier Kraft

Document type: Trade Cloth

Publisher: Unknown

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Excellent look at mental health care in war

Rating: 100%

This book is an amazing, personal insight into the experiences of a wonderful mental health care professional serving in the Iraq war caring for US Marines. It is completely unpolitical, and never loses focus on the personal stories of incredible human beings, including the author herself. This book left me with tremendous respect for mental health care professionals and soldiers alike.

Kaze9999 (Amazon.com)

Hard to put down

Rating: 100%

I read this entire book in one sitting. Impossible to put down and incredibly heartfelt and well written. Truly eye opening.

H (Amazon.com)

Incredible read

Rating: 100%

This is one of the best books I've read about the War in Iraq, and I've read several. Seeing the injured Marines from the health care side, and knowing that Heidi Kraft is the type of people we have caring for our injured Marines and Soldiers is incredible. Thank you, Dr Kraft for this book.

Karey L. Keel-stidham (Amazon.com)

A glimpse from a Mom and a soldier

Rating: 100%

Dr Krafts book is in no way insulting to other services. As an army officer and mother currently deployed to Iraq, I found her depiction of life in Iraq realistic and sympathetic toward our warriors, regardless of branch of service. She focuses on 'our Marines' because that's her perspective from the war and in no way is offensive or insulting. If anything, she gives us a glimpse into the lives of Marines from a provider's point of view.
I laughed over the Legend of the Camel Spider, because the stories about that thing get bigger with every deployment. And I cried when she wrote letters to her twin toddlers, because I'm going through something similar. At the end of the book, she makes a comment about people back in the States having such trivial problems compared to what the Marines she counseled did and I agree with her assessment. Once you've gone through an experience that is true suffering, the every day problems that overwhelm people in the rear do seem trivial by comparison.
An amazing book by a sympathetic author. Highly recommend for anyone, but especially mothers, going through a deployment away from their children.

Jessica Scott (Amazon.com)

New insight

Rating: 80%

Provided a different perspective regarding the effects of combat on Marines. Very touching. Held my attention from beginning to end. Gained new insight into what my son, two tours in Iraq, has been dealing with.

Ronald H. Underdahl (Amazon.com)

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