4 steps for choosing a used book

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We know that many of you have gone from paper to pixel to read books, but there are always that part of people who still want the feeling that gives the paper. No problem, there are still many online stores where you can find traditional books. But what if we want second-hand books? This question stays ordinary both for students who need tons of textbooks for every new term and for people who love reading. Buying used items is always better if owners want to equip their library with must-have items or if you are searching for some old book to read. But be careful. Not every seller stays trustworthy and not all items have the same quality as they appear on sellers’ photos. If you don’t want to mistakenly purchase the wrong item, you should make 4 steps before pressing a “Buy” button.

4 steps for selecting a used book

  1. Think carefully which books you are going to purchase. If buyers are not students with the list of required literature or if they don’t have a list of must-read literature for their work, they should think whether they are planning to leave these books at home. Although you may still sell your literature not losing much, it is much better to not spend your time on textbooks you will not value;
  2. Look at a buyer’s rating. If you’ve already found a couple of sellers offering this book, don’t judge by the way an item looks at the picture. A lot of sellers use stock photos so buyers cannot make real judgment of the book’s quality. However, you can judge reliability of your sellers by the quality of feedback they give to buyers. Although not all buyers are brave enough to give negative feedback, even positive feedback can show you a lot;
  3. Look at a book’s description: Although buyers will never find all details about the real state of the book, they can still make an approximate judgment of its characteristics. You can also find all information about shipping because all sellers try to put these details in the description;
  4. Call the owner and ask questions you are worried about: If buyers don’t see answers to their questions in the description, they can always find them by calling their seller directly. Although there is still no guarantee that buyers will get precise answers on inscriptions or highlighted words, they already have evidence to use in case of disappointment.

What if I am absolutely sure about this book?

If all stages are completed successfully and you think that your seller is reliable, nothing stops you from pressing a “Buy” button and pay with your credit card. You will seldom find sellers who accept cash payments or online payment services, so it is much better to use a reliable credit card for all necessary transactions. Also, don’t forget to monitor state of your order and stay in a constant touch with your literature seller.

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