4 ways to get science books cheaper

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You’ve never been a student if you’ve never asked “Where to find books?” at the beginning of each term. Your professors always require exactly the newest editions of their textbooks and there are no chances that you will find them in a library. Even though you may not find the required book there, it is never a reason to spend hundreds on new textbooks; there are still ways of saving on your annual textbooks.

4 not expensive ways of getting science books:

  1. Purchasing used books: If students have finished a course, they often don’t need for these textbooks to rest on textbook shelves. That is why if you know which textbooks you will need next year, contact those who have already finished these courses and get a chance to buy them cheaper. Never wait till the start of your next term as higher demand will increase prices on these items significantly;
  2. Renting a book: Why buying a book if I will not need it in a year. Those who think so prefer paying less for renting this book to paying extra for an item they own. Anyway, students should think carefully whether amount they pay for their rent is higher than the amount they lose by reselling a purchased item;
  3. Using electronic versions: If you are able to spend hours near the computer – you will prefer electronic version as a much better alternative to a paper-based one. If you have a lot of computer-based assignments, it might be even better to have electronic version of textbook;
  4. Using previous editions: If you need a textbook for history or philosophy, don’t think that it will change much in 5 years. So if you don’t need to solve problems from these textbooks, you will save much by purchasing the same textbook but not of the latest edition.

Never forget about networking!

If students are not newcomers, they probably know a lot of people from older classes having the same courses they are planning to have. Open your academic plan, find courses you will learn during the next term and wait for the end of this term to ask older students to sell their books. If you already have good relations with them, they will not ask the tremendous price. You can even help your group organizing the sharing textbooks network, which will stay beneficial for both parties.

If you don’t want to buy new textbooks for every new term you should not rely on cash but have at least one credit card for online payments. Amazon, Chegg, Ebay, and individual textbooks’ sellers will never accept cash, so your credit card is the best and the most acceptable way for buying and selling books. Also never forget that it takes time for an item to come to your city so seek all your books before start of a year or find opportunities at exactly that day.

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2 Responses to 4 ways to get science books cheaper

  1. Robin S says:

    Almost all study books can be found in good condition or in the library or buy used ones. But still many books can be found in electronic form, which is much more convenient.

  2. James says:

    I always bought used books. As practice showed, I read the book once or twice, and then it goes to the shelf. So why spend only money so that it takes up space?

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