5 places to buy books online

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Not long ago when we needed to buy a textbook for college or a science fiction novel, we used to visit the bookstore and ask if it is available. Now situation became completely different as we can lower our costs on reading 5 times without even coming out of our room. Miscellaneous online services offer to purchase any existing book (either new or used) for the lowest price possible and here you can find the most popular ways how you can get any item online.

5 ways to buy literature online:

    1. Amazon.com: this bookstore is the largest on Earth. Offering the richest selection of literature, it allows buyers comparing different prices on an item and choose the one which best fits their interests. Apart from new versions of literature, Amazon also offers second-hand, audio-, and electronic versions of items;
    1. eBay: Although readers may think it is strange buying things on an online auction, sometimes it can become their cheapest option. eBay is a place where readers can find rare literature which they will never find in Amazon. But if they want to buy one of these items – they should prepare to pay higher price as they will not stay alone with this desire;
    1. Half.com: in contrast to above mentioned bookstores, this one specializes only on used literature. If the item you want is not new, you can easily find its used copy and purchase for a price which is 5 times lower. If you’ve read the book and you don’t like it taking place on your bookshelf, you can the same way resell it and not lose much on a difference between prices;
    1. Biblio.com and Abebooks.com: these sites offer wide range of international and older editions of a large range of literature which is sold for much lower price than the newest edition. If you are not that concerned in finding the latest edition, here you can find multiple ways to save with cheaper editions;
  1. Google Books: Here readers can not only purchase electronic or paper based version of a necessary item but also find some specific text in it while doing their research. You can also read fragments of this book to examine whether you really need it or not.

How to save even more on books’ purchases

Apart from discounts and special offerings provided by any of the above mentioned online bookstores, there are also several ways how you can get necessary items even cheaper:

    1. Using coupon websites: Visit sites like CouponMountain, FatWallet, and RetailMeNot, select name of the site you are planning to use and try the latest of generated coupons to get special discounts;
    1. Using free libraries: You may not even know that more than one hundred thousand books are available absolutely for free. Remember that if you are searching for a well-known book, it might be already uploaded to a free library (the only question is whether you like to read with your computer);
  1. Ebook libraries: Only a tiny subscription fee might open doors to the largest eLibraries like Questria or Safari Books where a large amount of literature is already available for free (although there are may be no new editions).

No matter which item you will need, finding it in online stores remains not so complicated. Remember to activate your credit card as you will need it for making all necessary payments for library subscriptions and literature payments. Also, don’t forget about PriceGrabber Books or Bing Shopping to choose the best possible price for your item.

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  1. Justin Fitz says:

    I buy books in stores. Sometimes I order through the Internet, although I’m not always sure about the quality of the goods. I try to look for sellers with high ratings.

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