5 tips to start listening to audiobooks

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Everyone of us spends at least 10 hours a week doing some monotonous activities. They include traveling to and from home, washing the dishes or doing other type of housework. These activities seem boring and we always try entertaining ourselves with music or talking by phone with relatives. If you are tired of this stuff and want something new – try listening to audiobooks. But don’t rush up downloading something very long like “Gone with the wind” or “The three musketeers”. Here are 5 tips helping you start successfully.

5 tips to start listening to audiobooks

  1. Don’t start with large books. Listening to audiobooks seems like running. Runners always start with 2 kilometers a day, then gradually increasing this distance. Start with some story in 2 hours, then listen to something longer, and if you are confident enough – choose a book of more than 10 hours;
  2. Don’t start with difficult books. Start with something you are familiar with so as to not reread it or miss entire plot in attempts of focusing on. Also, don’t try styles which you have difficulties while reading in an ordinary way because you will quickly lose interest and concentration;
  3. Try listening faster. Good audio players can speed up the way your audiobook is played so that you can choose a speed which is comfortable for you. When you learn concentrating, it is much better to use 1.0x speed while when you’ve got used to that format, better increasing it if you don’t like getting bored or sleepy;
  4. Choose the right narrator. Your book can be great but if readers don’t like the voice or the way of narration, they will lose interest after the first hour of listening. Of course, it is not the point for choosing audio books by narrator but if you want to start – choose a book read by respectful and experienced narrator;
  5. Always do something while listening. The main problem of beginners is that they quickly fall asleep if they only listen to an audiobook. Do some housework, visit the park, do anything but never fall asleep or you will never finish your audio book.

Where to find and listen to audiobooks?

Getting audiobooks is now much easier than finding their paper-based versions. You can download the audiobook from Amazon or Overdrive and you shouldn’t even wait for shipping your item. The only thing which might be worrying is choosing the right credit card for online payments. There are a lot of credit cards offering options for online payments and you decide which of them to employ. Anyway, paying for audio books should never stop you from downloading the new ones listening to them whenever and wherever you like.

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2 Responses to 5 tips to start listening to audiobooks

  1. John says:

    I spend a lot of time in transport during the month. This is related to my work. Recently started listening to audiobooks and was pleasantly surprised. Over the last month I got to know more than four writers.

  2. Jeebrail Sesse says:

    With the help of audiobooks you can study fiction, languages. But it is very difficult to remember the technical information. It is not easy to teach physics and mathematics on an audiobook.

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