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How to Sell College Textbooks (buyback)

Use the TEXTBOOKS search bar to search for your books, you can search by keyword, title, author, or ISBN. Next, select the book you would like to sell and give us a few seconds to locate the best offer. The price that is displayed is the highest price that is offered for your book; you can click "SELL", or select "full comparison report" to see all of the buyers who would like to buy back your book.

Why Sell Books With We Compare Books?

- Bookstores compete to buy your books.
- We examine multiple offers and pick the best offer for you!
- Shipping costs are included, no hidden fees

Find the best buyback offer

Textbook Buyback FAQ

Why sell your texbooks? Textbooks are very expensive and when you are done with the course they often sit and collect dust, we help you sell your books back and get the highest possible price for every book.

Can I sell any book? Some of our partners only offer money for textbooks but others will offer money for up to one million titles, just do a search of any book and see if an offer is made.

How does it work? Once you do a search for a specific title and select your book we will compare which website offers the best buyback deals and display the best offer to you. Next, click on "Sell" and you will be taken to the buyback partners' website. If you prefer you can see all of the buy back offers that were made for your book by selecting "full buy back comparison results"

What about shipping? All of our partners pay the shipping, so all you have to do is mail your used books to the buyback partner according to their specifications and get paid!

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